Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rain, Rain go away.....

It's been raining for days now...It's gray and dreary and depressing. The grass is growing like crazy but it's too wet to get out there and cut it.
We did see some sunshine yesterday and a little this morning.
Rain is in the forecast for today though and again this weekend........I'm sitting here now and the temperature is 44.....in May....in the south. So much for global warming! It seems spring cannot get a good foothold and stay with us. 

I've been busy on Brit and Stephen's wedding quilt. The top is halfway done. I've also realized the fabric I picked for the border does NOT work. So now I need to make another trip to the fabric store. That's not really a problem though!

We're also busy trying to get Nicole and Shane's wedding rolling. She is going in a million different directions though and I'm wondering if we'll get it all done in time.

I did sit down and draw out a wall hanging I want to make once I'm done with wedding quilts. It's been in my head for months now and finally it's on paper.

I'm also looking forward to TOGA. It's only about a month away! I so need some me time!

And just so I don't forget that it really is spring...........I took this the other week. I love the color here.

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