Monday, April 29, 2013

Registering for wedding gifts.......what an experience!

Yesterday my daughter, her mother in law and myself went to register her for gifts.
It was an all afternoon event! Three stores in all. The first two were pleasant experiences. We were going thru the stores joking and enjoying ourselves. The experience changed when we entered the last store.........
Bed Bath and Beyond is a popular place for registries. Everyone seems to like it.
I personally will never even set foot in one of their stores again, much less buy anything. The consultant was pushy. She said she didn't work on commission........well in all my years of being a consumer I've not met a commissioned salesman that was more pushy!
She was downright rude! When I "disagreed" with her on her selection of pots and pans that dd should choose it was tense. I finally asked her how much she cooked. It was an honest question.....I cook 3x a day for up to 8 people. I help cook at church for weekly meals. I cooked turkey at Thanksgiving for 160 people. I cook... a lot. So yes I have an opinion on cookware. She was apparently offended that anyone would disagree with her.
She proceeded to pull my daughter aside and tell her "she understood how stressful it was to do this with your mother and mil and she would be glad to reschedule her to come alone"......oh really! She was the one who made it stressful!
She finally left us alone and the stress level went down. I did file a complaint with the company. I will never shop there again, and I will tell everyone I know about our experience.
Oh and my daughter thanked me and her mil for going with her when it was all over. 

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