Monday, April 8, 2013

I LOVE Spring!!

and there are signs of it everywhere! I spent a few hours outside today. Took down the shutters on the old part of the house so it matches the addition. They were falling to pieces anyway. Now to get a pressure washer and clean the old siding and paint the eaves. I did get a lilac bush and a hydrangea planted today. I so hope they do well! If so my whole front little bed will be filled with flowering plants. My butterfly bush always does wonderful.
Oh and my little shrubs I got at Tractor Supply last year have taken off! Now if only I could remember what they are!

There are two of these and this one in between them I'm pretty sure will bloom yellow.

I think this is Chamomile I planted last year...either that or German Thyme. Either one works for me!

and last but not least my Rosemary bush...isn't it just beautiful? I love the smell of it!

Now if I can just get my garden planted!!

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