Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade Yogurt!

Oh this is just yummy goodness in a jar! A mason jar! I have a thing for mason jars lol.
Tuesday I made yogurt from fresh raw milk. My mouth thinks it has died and gone to heaven. The kids love it.
From one gallon of milk I got 5 quarts of yogurt, two plain, two vanilla, and a maple.
The maple is divine with granola for breakfast.
The part that really got my attention though is the cost. I thought that I would be spending more per quart of yogurt than if I bought it. I did the math and would you believe that my yogurt made with raw milk is only twenty cents more than the cheapest store brand? If you compare it to the organic the savings is astronomical!
One of my daughters cannot eat store bought yogurt. We're not sure if it's the lowfat aspect or the sweeteners they use. But she is miserable every single time she eats any. She can eat my yogurt without issues!
It's super easy too. I have looked at recipes and blogs of people making yogurt for years and every single time I came to the part about measuring the temp and then wrapping it I gave up.
Then I found this site..

Talk about easy! So now I am happily making yogurt I feel good about feeding my kids! No extra preservatives or chemicals at all. Just milk, sugar, and some yogurt added. I did buy some organic yogurt to start my culture but the next batch should be made using my yogurt and then the cost will drop even more!

And here's my yogurt in the my mason jars!

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