Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not much going on this week...

It is quiet here this week. The only big thing happening is dd got her license. That's big! She has made her first solo trip out alone too. Talk about a nervous mama the whole time she was gone!

On other fronts I am working on redoing our back deck. It has tons of junk the kids have pulled out all winter and left there, leaves, and bones the dogs have "buried" in the leaves. It truly is a sad neglected place all winter.

Spring is here though and I have dreams of dragging a treadle out there and sewing while the bees buzz all around my head.....(ok I am doubting my sanity some due to those bees).

I'm finally going to sand and repaint that fabulous outdoor set that belonged to my Grandparents. Remember these? I have two chairs that go with it also.

I'm trying to decide what color to paint them......something bright I think......maybe red?

Then I will need some thin cushions for them. A good project to work on with the treadle while sitting out there I think.
Oh and my indoor plants need to go out there too. Dappled light coming through the big oak tree leaves, comfy chairs to sit in, plants all around.....and a treadle to sit and sew at.......sounds inviting right? Of course the treadle will be taken in nightly.
Maybe a radio on with soft music......sounds ideal doesn't it? Best part is I don't see traffic or other people from my back deck! I will post some pics when I get it all done.

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  1. Congratulations to dd, and for mom, a nice cup of tea with some cookies helps while you wait.