Monday, April 8, 2013

Lazy Sunday afternoon......

well after prom dress shopping for youngest dd it was! We luckily found a dress at the first place we went and were home by 3pm.

So this is what I did all afternoon. I could've worked on oldest dd's quilt but I will have all day Tuesday to do that so decided to get a start on the next dd's quilt.

With two getting married this year I'm a busy momma! One eloped and the next one is in August but the one that eloped now wants a small ceremony for family.
 Daughter number two and the new sil want their quilt in greens....traditional style. So I've been looking trying to find a pattern that spoke to me......"I am their quilt!" I found it this past week.

This is their future quilt...............just one block drawn out. It will finish at 14 inches so I think about 36 of them will make a nice size quilt once I add borders.

 These will be the colors...

Lots of greens....these are poison greens repro fabrics and I need to find a blue....the crayon I used is called Prussian Blue. Maybe I will take it with me fabric shopping!

And last but not least progress on oldest dd's quilt.....I'm calling it Tropical Surprise for's from a pattern in the Jan/Feb  Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine and called Triangle Surprise.
I have more blocks done but not on the wall yet.

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