Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New blog!

Somehow I have totally messed up the settings in this blog. I can't change a thing.
So the new blog is

Busy, busy, busy!

And not with Christmas stuff like I should be. There are gifts I need to wrap and put under the tree, shopping that still needs to be done....and all that stuff. What am I doing? Working on Celtic Solstice of course! Someone on the Facebook page said they thought about 5-6 hours a week to keep up with the clues....well I must be extremely slow! I've already put that in and still am not caught up. I am having fun though and I'm loving the colors. On my own I tend to gravitate towards calmer colors. I love Civil War reproduction colors and browns and blues. So making a quilt with orange, green, yellow, and blue as the primary colors is way out of my comfort zone. So here's a peek at what I have done so far...
The first few blocks of step 1
 All of step 1 finished and step 2 cut out
 Part of step 2 done....still lots more to do on this one.
I'm sewing all of these on my White Family Rotary and it is a joy to stitch on. I've been using a Singer 127 with vibrating shuttle since I started with treadles and the amount of sewing I can do on the White before I have to redo the bobbin is amazing!

Friday, December 6, 2013

In Love.....

Yep, I'm in love with a sewing machine. This old beauty has been sitting in my closet for two years. I got her, cleaned her, oiled her, and promptly found I did not have a table she would fit in.
So I made my own table! Problem was I used Singer machines as a guide so she still didn't fit!
I finally have enough spare "parts" that I took a treadle top that was otherwise shot, stripped the veneer off it and made a top so she could be treadled.

She's sewing beautifully now. Perfect seams and so quiet and smooth.

I am working on the new Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt here....Celtic Solstice and think I will continue using this machine to make the whole quilt!

Now that I know this will work I can sand the whole top down and stain it to match my table.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and an early Christmas present...

We've spent the morning cleaning....deep cleaning. We moved the couches, wiped down the walls, mopped the floors, and vacuumed everything. The den is now company ready! I think my son in law's parents will be joining us this year.
I'm sitting here in front of the woodstove typing this on my new Christmas present. Hubby got me a laptop! Remember the old one? This one is SO much better! I love being able to move around to the warmest past of the house.

Look it has all the keys! And a battery that works! Yes it still has the protective plastic on it too.....

It took quite a bit of tinkering to get Ubuntu up and running on it though. Microsoft has changed some of the basics in Windows 8 and now it doesn't play nice with other OS's. But thanks to the Ubuntu forums and Google I got both of them installed and can boot either one. As much as I love Ubuntu it doesn't do Itunes and if I want to add music on my phone that is a requirement. So keeping a Windows system is a must.
Now I can do all my Christmas shopping easily...right here in front of the fire in my jammies!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finally a day sewing!

I haven't gotten a lot accomplished lately as far as quilting or blogging. I guess with everything else I just got sidetracked. It is simply amazing how a day spent here in my little area though can soothe my nerves! I also haven't updated this because right now I am almost computerless!
Awhile back the boy's computer died. Doornail dead......So they were coming in here in my sewing space and playing Minecraft on my computer.....well if any of you have boys in the 9-13yo range you know they are simply obsessed with the game. I couldn't get in the mood to sew with them under my feet constantly. My area isn't that big and everytime I turned around I was bumping into them. Frustrating!
When you're a homeschool mom whose hubby works out of town all week sometimes you NEED a bit of time without kids underfoot.

So what did I do? I moved my computer into the school/play room! Now they can play their game and be as loud as they want and I can sew! Only problem is I like to watch movies while I sew. I have for now pieced together an old laptop to take care of that. I really do mean pieced too! the keyboard has some of the keys gone so I'm using a desktop keyboard, the wireless no longer works so I added a wireless modem we had. Half the time when it starts (usually takes 2 tries) it tells me the hard drive isn't there. But it works for now even if it is a pain.

Yesterday though I had a brilliant idea! The Ipad! I am buying this from my dd who doesn't use it anymore. I set it up on my sewing table and pulled up youtube. I started with The Walton's: The Quilting and went from there.

It doesn't loose the wireless signal, I can hear it because it's close, and it works!

Now I am updating this from the laptop as typing on the ipad isn't quite as easy as the keyboard.

And yes I may very well go out on Black Friday this year in search of a new much as I hate the thought of that!

My setup for now...I got quite a bit done yesterday! I think that with another day like yesterday I will have all the blocks for Nicole and Shane's quilt made and be ready for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.

 See the keypad on the laptop? Do you know how often you use the A and S keys? If you don't hit them just right they either don't type or type 3 or 4. I had planned on getting a new keypad but with all the other issues it's having I think its time to replace it all together.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nothing feels as good as...

A clean house! That's what we've spent our morning doing. Cleaning! School will come this afternoon.
Bathroom #1 is done...sink and toilet scrubbed. Trash can cleaned, floors cleaned.
Litter boxes are done and smelling MUCH better!
Den is clean, fireplace area clean.
Kitchen is almost done. Need to do the hand dishes from yesterday and clean the counters. I also have some apple butter to can.
Then we'll sit down and get schoolwork finished and be ready in time for church tonight!

Oh and I have a new wall hanging! Look what dd made last night. I absolutely love it! It's hanging in the den with a piece of conch shell and a pretty rock on the little shelf.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I think I will join in....

On the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I don't really have time, I have ongoing ufo's but I just want to! 
So here are my paint cards with the colors. I will be using lots of my scraps I think. Now what machine to use?