Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ruler talk.....................

I keep surfing looking at quilts, and reading blogs and finding rulers and tricks to make certain pieces easier to cut.  To make making those "hard" blocks easier. You know what I mean?
Every single time I see one of these oh so great rulers I think, hey I made that block! I guess I don't have enough sense to know I need a special ruler to make some cuts lol!
I am very basic on rulers. I still have the same four rulers I got when I started quilting. Ok I did replace one because the numbers had worn off. But here's what I use.....

 6x24 ruler
6x12 ruler
12" square ruler
8 1/2" square ruler

That's whole collection of rulers. Oh wait, I think I have two of the Easy Angle ones somewhere but guess what? I never use them. I find that it's just as easy to use these four rulers to make any block I want.

I see quilters with tons and tons of rulers and I have to wonder if they all actually get used? Or is it just about having them?
I think I'd forget I had them! I know I've done that with the Easy Angle ones.

So what do you use? Do you have a ruler stash? or do you keep them to a bare minimum?

Now I'm NOT being quilt policey or judgemental or anything.....I am just curious.


  1. I like having various rulers - and I hang mine on a pegboard so they don't get lost - if they can make my quilting easier and faster. I work full time and am a single home owner, so have lots of demands on my time. But like you, I have also found that I have made a block without one, only to discover that there's a ruler available to make that block easier... And, realistically, quilting was originally done without all our fancy gadgets, so they certainly aren't absolutely necessary. I have also had the experience of purchasing an expensive ruler only to discover that it was really not worth the money I paid for it. More hype than help.

  2. I have like five and I use them all! I love my rulers!