Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wedding dresses are on my mind!

The time is fast approaching! Daughter #2 has her wedding in 2 weeks. I'm finishing up alterations on her dress this week. Let me say right away I am NOT a seamstress. I don't even like making clothes. But....a friend of mine who is marvelous at it is already making daughter #1's dress and I just couldn't ask her to do this too. So I am tackling it.
So we're going from this

to something like this....
The front of it isn't so bad but I have to tackle moving the zipper today and I am  NOT looking forward to that!

And here is my other daughter's dress made by my friend. DD took her a picture and she has copied almost to the letter! Now the front of it is not attached yet....this was the fitting to see if everything was going together right.

I think I'm going to have two beautiful brides this summer!
Some of these are not good pictures....my next cell phone whenever that may be is going to have a GOOD camera!

I also have the plan for the wallhanging for my friend. Here's the fabric for it. It will be an underwater scene and I am completely out of my comfort zone making an art quilt as much as I am altering wedding dresses! But picture sand and seaweed and bright fish swimming against a blue sea.

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