Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's the simple things in life.....

that make me happy. I've learned that over the years. I don't need fancy cars or a big house. I don't need lots of jewelry or extravagant furnishings.
Instead just give me simple......a treadle sewing machine fulfills all my needs and is soothing. A nice summer day with a breeze blowing and windows open, a quilt to snuggle up under at night, the sound of the kids laughing and playing, birds singing.

I think I am just an old soul really. I've tried "keeping up with the Jones's" and honestly it about killed me.
Give me simple, give me "old fashioned", and just let me be. I don't want new.....I don't want modern. I don't want a schedule slam full of events. I don't want every new gadget out there. I actually like staying home.....

Yes I do like some modern conveniences, like the computer, I like cell phones when the kids drive and head out on their own. But most of modern technology just escapes me...not because I can't understand it.....I am fluent at dual booting operating systems on computers and cleaning them of viruses, but because I simply don't want to!

I often wonder if I am the only person in the world like this. Then I find another kindred soul....usually online, and know I am not alone!

My goal this summer is to reclaim my back deck. To reconnect with the great outdoors. I start with cleaning it and moving hubby's tools out of sight. Then a gate to keep dogs and chickens off it when I want.
Then, needs flowers. I will plant hydrangeas around the railing.  I will bring houseplants out there. I will set up a table we can eat on more often, the grill will turn into a "summer kitchen" and last but most definitely not least, I will bring a treadle out there! I will set me up an area where I can sit and treadle away all summer! The kids can play in the pool and I can enjoy listening to them being happy. Ooh and my grandparents glider will get a new coat of paint and cushions.

Now doesn't that sound inviting? A nice little area to sit and relax with a glass of sweet, iced tea, and maybe sew a little?

You can't get much more simple than that! Oh no radio and no phone allowed!

Pictures will follow ........

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  1. When we move, I want my husband to build me a gazebo where I can set up a place to sew, I was thinking of taking a hand crank out there or maybe a small quilting loom.