Thursday, April 4, 2013

On the agenda today.....

it will be a busy day! I have to take my daughter to work and then pick up milk, then home for several hours.
While I'm home I'd like to try my hand at making Orange Lemon Curd just from oranges. It sounds yummy and I have oranges and eggs....oh my do I have eggs!
We're getting close to two dozen a day right now. I never thought I'd see the day when we had more eggs than we could eat! We can eat a LOT!
Then there's bread dough rising in the fridge that will need to be baked. I LOVE being home and getting to do these kind of things!
Oh and I'm going to try freezing some of this abundance of eggs. I've been told this is a good way to save them.....I may even pickle some. Pickled eggs sound yummy and I've never even had one! I need to rectify that.

And just to add a picture here is Miss Daisy........having a catnip treat. she is hilarious when it comes to her catnip!
Seconds after I took this one she literally sprayed dd with a catnip sneeze!

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