Sunday, December 9, 2012

SSSHHH!!! I bought myself a Christmas present!

Don't tell anyone ok? I regularly browse Craigslist to see what's being offered.
My current searches are:
Sewing machines (always!)
Oil lamps
rolling pins
I browse the local list and then if I still need to "window shop" some more I browse the next closest city....or two.
I had a little time this morning and there was nothing on the local list, so I headed to the next one. Now normally once I go to that list it is strictly window shopping. Today though.......a Singer 301 in mint condition with ALL the accessories and the case....for HALF of the lowest one I could find on Ebay. Oh my, what to do? Even with gas I would get it for a steal! I figured it was already gone at that price.
There was a number to call and an email address. I emailed. I got a reply almost immediately. Details were worked out and this afternoon the boys and I took a leisurely ride down the road to go see the machine.
 I already knew though that as long as it was as pictured and ran that I would be bringing her home. So here she is....she is unnamed as of yet but I'm leaning towards Harriet. I guess she was just meant to come home with me! The lady I got her from was delighted she was going to a quilter who would appreciate her.
I will admit that it took me a little while to get her sewing....I tried her out before I bought her and she did wonderful but guess what? I didn't notice that the thread comes in from the right side! So until I actually read the manual I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't sew!


  1. I love your sewing machine
    Greetings from Sweden

  2. Nice score on the 301 Ginger!! Thanks for following my blog. I really like the facebook Vintage Sewing Machines folks -- loving all the pictures and sharing that goes on!! Hugs, Allison