Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm frustrated....

actually I am beyond frustration. I am just so tired of NO ONE in this house being able to pick up after themselves or do simple chores without constant supervision. My kids are not babies either! Two are teens and one is preteen.

Today I told 11yo ds to feed and water the chickens and gather eggs. An hour later it still hadn't been done. I commented on it. He went and gave them a tiny amount of food. It's cold right now.....there's snow on the ground for pete's sake. I plainly told him to give them extra. He didn't. He also didn't give them water or gather the eggs and supposedly we've not had any eggs for 3 days......hmmmm.
I went out to water.....not only are the waterers nasty because he doesn't clean them (don't worry I did!) BUT there were 3 days worth of eggs out there!

And the girls aren't any better.......I washed dishes for an hour today. I was out all day yesterday running the girls here and there shopping for a dress and a birthday present and so on. I even took them out to Olive Garden for lunch.
Today I cleaned out the cup of peanut butter they had sat on the counter.....3 days ago. I wanted to see if they would take care of it. Nope!

So here's the new House Rules:

I cook 3x a eat then and I wash your dish right away
if you don't bring your dish you eat next time on a dirty dish....or you do without.....

No is closed between meals (that should get their attention!)

No Netflix

limited internet

and no fun activities because the taxi driver (me!) is busy being a maid!

oh and most likely they will loose phones ....I think that if I have to go behind my teenage children and pick up after them then I deserve a smart phone with a data plan! Sound like a plan to you? Does to me!

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