Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rain, rain go away!

 and don't come another day....at least not this week.
We're at the camper this week and guess what? It's raining! Of course! EVERY single time we come it rains. Which means 4 kids trapped inside what becomes a very small camper.......all day long! That also means that my patience and nerves are shot by the end of the day.........
At this point I am ready to go home and stay there.
Doesn't help that dd #2 called me when we got up here to tell me she has the flu. I've been calling and checking on her to see if I need to go home and take care of her.

I think that if I hear a weatherman say "drought" this year I may scream. We have had more rain this month than most of the year already!

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