Sunday, March 10, 2013

Changes, changes....

We lost our old golden almost 2 weeks ago. She was 13 and had gone deaf. She was having accidents in the house and had lost 20lbs. I couldn't see keeping her in misery any longer so we did the most humane thing. It was hard! We all cried over her. This was her in November. She was still doing pretty good then.

The same week both cats were spayed. They had an overnight stay and youngest son was so worried about them. Ninja's incision somehow got infected which meant a trip back to get antibiotics. Son was not happy!

They're both doing fine now thankfully and back to playing. We built them a new scratching post this week and to entice them to use it I got some catnip.
I created a junkie! Daisy will stop at nothing to get catnip! She will beg, scratch and bite in her quest for more. Ninja likes it but nothing like Daisy.
We finally set the container in the floor to see what Daisy would do......sorry for the lousy picture it was taken with my cell phone.
We spent a long time laughing at her antics!

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