Monday, March 18, 2013

Quilting, Baptisms, Snow......Hail!

Life has been usual! It seems it never slows down. But that's ok. I'm getting used to it. We finally had some winter March. First we had snow and Reece thought it was great fun and ran around trying to get everyone to play with her......oldest son gladly obliged!

Then later the same day hail! The snowflakes themselves were huge and the hail while not as big as it is in the summer still stung when it hit you. The kids HAD to go out in it to check and see lol.  Youngest daughter even collected some.

Last but not least......daughter number 3 was baptised this month! Such a glorious day! All the family got be here for the event. We have prayed for this for so long now. I am not a crier but even I was choked up seeing her make this decision!
Oh and finally! Some progress on the wedding quilt.....not nearly enough but......progress is progress right? One whole row and another started. So many little pieces.......I need to declare a "quilting" day and work on nothing else.

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