Saturday, March 23, 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.....

well this one is! Friday morning I got up to make my coffee and found piles of what I thought was bloody urine all over the house. Not just one or two.....multiple spots. So I started isolating pets to see who was having the problem. That took most of the morning because cats hide really well when they're being sick! I finally though figured out it was Ninja and she was throwing it up........

Ninja came a long way to live with us. She's originally from western Pennsylvania and started life as a barn cat. DD #2 brought her home after a miserable summer job experience up there. Let's just say she's not a barn cat anymore!
She enjoys spending her days getting loved on and finding the highest hiding spot she can curl up into to nap. Whether that's on my sewing machines or the top of a closet.....
At night she's either on my bed (weeks when dh is out of town) or on ds' bed.
 If I'm working on a quilt Ninja is there. She even helps me baste!She LOVES quilting!
So see? No more wild barn cat. Although she wasn't really still wild by the time she came home to us. 
Last month Ninja made a trip to the vet to be spayed. That meant an overnight stay. Ds was so worried about her! Then her incision got infected and back we went to get antibiotics. More tears of worry from ds. Then all the mess yesterday......

Oh boy.......I was worried. Throwing up blood....especially that much blood repeatedly can't be good. The first thing I checked was my sewing machine. The thread was in the same position I left it. Now see, Miss Daisy our other cat has a thing about thread.....did you know you can basically toilet paper a whole house with thread? Well Miss Daisy can and does if I am not vigilant! The only thing I could think of that Ninja might've gotten into was Legos. There are Legos everywhere. You walk on them, they're in the bathroom, the kitchen, I've even found them under my covers on my bed!

So off to the vet we went. With severe worries that I would be coming home alone. That we would be racking up $$$ vet bills for surgery to remove said Legos or even worse. 
Imagine my joy when he said viral! He said he had seen several other cats recently with the same symptoms. Odd since our cats are totally indoor cats and never, ever go outdoors. He gave her two shots and took a chunk of change from me and home we came. 

Ninja does not tolerate meds well. We learned that from her spay surgery. When we got home she refused to come out of her crate. I took the door off and put water near her. She spent the rest of the day sleeping. Then last night when I checked on her more throwing up......ugh! She still wouldn't come out of the crate either. So I figured this morning we'd be back at the vet. She obviously wasn't better.........maybe there was a Lego after all.

I didn't sleep well last night. I dreamed about Ninja all night. Ds didn't sleep well. He ended up sleeping with me because he missed his kitty. I kept her in the laundry room so she didn't make a mess all over again. 

I got up this morning and went to check on her first thing, even before my coffee or the bathroom.......I fully expected to find a dead cat. When she not only meowed at me but came out of the crate to be petted I about cried! I took her to my room and put her beside ds right away and woke him to tell him to look who had missed him. That first pic is them in just a couple minutes. She obviously missed him as much as he missed her!

So Ninja feels better, ds is happy, and I am one relieved mama!

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  1. I found you through treadleon today. I wonder if Ninja caught something from the vet after being spayed? You said she had an infection.
    I wanted to mention a linky party I enjoy on Fridays, it is called Feline Friday and you can link up cat related posts. I'm glad Ninja is feeling better!