Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An unexpected day at home!

 Yesterday was supposed to be busy, filled with piano lessons, youth for the girls and a few errands. Instead we spent the day at home. Youngest daughter is sick. I think it's just a head cold but she feels miserable. Then youth was cancelled. So we postponed the errands and stayed home. I love being at home! Really! I am one of those probably few people who could go for weeks without leaving home. I have plenty to keep me busy! The kids though, well the girls at least would be bored. They like going.....and going and going.

 It was rainy and gray all day. The temp I don't think ever got above 45. I got the wood stove going for the first time in over a week. Got some basic school done and then I got my quilting mojo back! YES!

My oldest is getting married in August and I promised a wedding quilt. We picked out fabric, and that is as far as I got! I did manage to make 2 blocks at the camper last month......2 out of 156......
I just have not been able to motivate myself to work on it. Instead I pulled out hexies and have been working on them!
But yesterday I sat down with an episode of Quiltcam on (Thank you Bonnie Hunter!) and I started piecing! I managed to get two whole rows completed and enough of the flying geese units done to make two more rows.
Today I will be out and about and right by Mary Jo's....yes I'm stopping! I love the blocks so far but I really need some more lights. Something sand color since this is supposed to have a beach theme..I'm seeing more jewel tones though.
What do you think?

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