Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One of my favorite quilt books....

    I love this book! I saw it awhile back and had to order it. 

See that quilt on the cover?

 I would love to have that as my bedroom. Can't you just imagine waking up with that sunlight streaming in? On a nice chilly morning and you're all toasty warm under that quilt? Or a spring morning and the windows are open and the birds are singing? Needless to say there would be no sounds of traffic or modern life!

I was looking at it last night and oldest son came in. He really like that quilt too. He hinted not very subtly that he would like one like what am I to do? If I make me one he's going to want it!

arghh! oh well I guess for now we'll just have to appease ourselves with looking at the book...since I am plugging along with the wedding quilt for oldest dd and if my "Momma Instinct" is right I think there will be another wedding in the family soon that require a quilt.
I do wonder though how this quilt would look as a scrappy?

Oh and if you want your own copy here's a link (I hope)


  1. Traditionally it's called Seven Sisters. I love them. Wouldn't it be fun to make each "family" from a variety of scraps the same color--so you could have a family of yellow sisters, red sisters, blue sisters, etc.
    I hand pieced a 6-pt star quilt back in the late 70-s thru 80s. There's just something very pleasing about these--and I love the fences around the version you showed.

  2. that is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Scrappy! I did a small block of this for my Civil War sampler....finished at 8 inches. Those tiny stars were hard! My 12yo son loves this quilt too and says he would love to have one for his bed.