Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quilting...the blood sport

So I'm happily quilting along the other night doing Baptist fans on my CW quilt. The first row was the hardest.....all those seams on the border. I was putting some real pushing effort into getting that needle though when I felt a drip. I pulled my hand out from under and saw this. First time I have ever stuck myself enough to bleed like this!

So I stopped and cleaned up and put a bandaid on.....I thought my finger would be really sore the next day but thankfully it wasn't.
Done with the 2nd row of fans too! I love the way it's looking. This is the back. I'm doing this marks to guide me and this much I did without the hoop. It was too hard to get the hoop on the edge.

Oh and of course my quilting buddy.....she HAS to come and lay right beside me usually under my elbow every night when I quilt. There's usually some thread chasing that happens too.........silly cat! And yes I quilt on the bed.......I go to bed early and spread the quilt out over me and watch tv for a bit and quilt.

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  1. Thanks for you comment about my hand crank. Sorry I couldn't reply directly to your email, but, you are a noreply blogger. I hope this message goes thru, since I don't (and won't) Google+. I hate how Google+ has made it where I can't comment on so many blogs now. I guess my comments don't matter anymore.