Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ready to quilt!

It took some that even a real word? But finally my CW quilt is ready to start on. I had planned on thread basting, that is until I actually tried thread basting a small quilt. No way I was going to survive doing this one. Problem though was it's so big I don't have floor space to pay it out and pin it. Problem solved! We found a way. A few strips of fabric, couple small nails, and some safety pins had the back attached to the frame and smooth. Then skirt hangers had the top and batting in place. We pinned the outside first and then the middle. We did have to flip it to do the bottom half but I think it was definitely easier on my knees to do it this way.
 DD was awesome and helped me get everything in place.
I am thinking about a pvc frame though that I could put together in that would fit any size quilt. Sandwiching is always the part I dislike the most.


  1. It Absolutey Gorgeous! What a Labor of Love:)

  2. Me too Ginger, it is just sooooooooo much work, I totally agree.