Sunday, January 27, 2013

A good day!

 I love this pic! It just looks peaceful to me. You can see just the top of Ninja's head to the bottom left. Her favorite place to sit and watch birds.

The first border is on my quilt and the second one made out of those string blocks is almost ready to go on. That will be tonight's project. So tonight it will be a finished top! I decided I'm going to hand quilt it. I'm almost done with the little lap quilt for dd and I really need to keep a hand project in progress. Hand quilting makes me happy. I'm going to use pearl cotton and do big stitches on it. I did a small dresser scarf from blocks I made too small and I love the way it looks so now the quilt on my bed will match.
My new iron came yesterday too. I was expecting it Monday but I checked the tracking one last time yesterday and saw it was out for delivery. I waited by the window and watched......NOT because I was that excited but because our mailman is careless with our packages. He either sets them on top of the mailbox so they fall or throws them on the ground. He set the iron on the mailbox.
Over the holidays we got lots of packages as I prefer to shop online. I found packages throw 3 feet from the box, under the tree behind the box, and left out in the rain. Doesn't even cover the ones delivered at 10pm....
But my new iron is great! I sent my son out to grab it as soon as I saw him put it out. No chance for it to fall!
I happily spent the rest of the afternoon working on borders and pressing them with a nice hot iron that never cut off on me!
Dh even ran the kids on all of their things so I could have a day of not having to go somewhere! He's so sweet!


  1. what kind of thread do you use for hand quilting?

  2. I like Gutermann thread. It's what I started out using and I've just stuck with it.