Saturday, January 19, 2013

New iron coming!

After using my Grannie's old iron for a week it went haywire again. Luckily all that happened was the smoke alarm started going off. No fire and no burned fabric. So I am back in the market for an iron. I wanted one that was heavy, one that had a good point on it, and NO auto shut off. Three stores and three strikes. No one it seems has an iron that doesn't have auto shut off! So I came home disappointed but with a plan. I remembered seeing a dry iron online and hearing good things about it.
This is what I ordered,

It should be here sometime next week and I am excited! I'm ready to start on the wedding quilt for oldest dd and her fiance and a good iron will be nice. I am sad though that I won't be using my Grannie's iron. I wonder if anyone can repair it?

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