Monday, January 14, 2013

Guess what I am making?

Can you tell from this picture? No? Ok I will tell you! String blocks! I thought after making them for Brit's quilt I would never do them again but here I am. These will be the last border on my CW quilt. I finally got the top together. It's NOT perfect! Not even close. There are a few blocks that I may have to go in and turn right otherwise they may annoy me every single time I crawl under that quilt. We'll see. I'm kind of just glad to be this far along with it and since we got the new camper dh took "his" quilt with him and I have no quilt on the bed.

Yes I've been a bad blogger.....there is so much going on here and I just haven't had time to blog lately. I am going to try to change that though!
Here's my CW quilt. All of the blocks were made on my treadle sewing machine but I put the rows together on my 66 with a motor.

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